Service Call Hierarchy

This function is available in PROLIN Smart Suite 2016 R5 and later versions.
It allows for linking Service Calls to Service Calls and thus create a Master – Subordinate structure.

Use case: incident spurs multiple Service Calls


If an incident is spurring multiple Service Calls to the Service Desk (by multiple persons, for instance in case of a network issue), it makes much sense to identify a completely filled out Service Call already logged in the system as the ‘Master’ Service Call. Any subsequent calls coming in regarding the same incident can then easily and quickly logged as a copy of the master, including possible work-around or solution, and related as a sub-ordinate. The hierarchy created can then be managed through the Master, either with rules or by update-all, as it is now very easy to select all the related calls, maybe even create a special View for it. Having all the related calls in one view also aids in the assessment of the impact of the incident. Also, it makes it easier to communicate with all involved, callers and IT personnel alike. Finally, in the aftermath, all can again be easily handled for post incident evaluation, problem management, CSI and knowledge management purposes.
The Service Call Hierarchy functionality can help streamline your processes, and thus streamline the effort, and thus improve efficiency.