Smart Reporting

This function is available in PROLIN Smart Suite 2016 R1 and later. Smart Reporting allows for the creation and publication of reports from within the PROLIN Smart Client. Reports can be generated and their definitions published by the administrator for others to use, while the client user can generate output to be exported and shared in a variety of formats.

Use case: Service reports to drive Service Improvement Cycles.


During and after the design, execution and continuous improvement stages of a service based approach it is vital to be able to easily and accurately report on the performance of the individual services. The ability to review, change and publish reports within the PROLIN Smart Client is now available in the Smart Reporting Module.

Leveraging the existing Service Level Management Module, Helpdesk and analyzed data, users can assemble the data points required to generate reports instantly.

For example, it is possible to create a number of service related reports as:

· Service Detail Report, overall performance of the services, outages and service degradations.
· Department Service Delivery, detailed service performance delivered to the individual departments.
· Staff Service Delivery, detailed information on IT staff KPI’s by service.
· SLA Report, performance of the services grouped by individual Service Level Agreements.

With these easily generated reports the service delivery manager now has a live view of the performance of the catalogued services, as well a clear view of the services and their delivery against the entire organization’s SLA’s.

Another example: To measure the impact of the introduction of Service Based Operations, PROLIN customers are able to create historical reports, for example reports covering the past 5-years, reviewing historical data from PROLIN Smart Suite. Taking into account the organizational changes, the service manager can now measure the success of these changes on the service delivery. The conclusions from these measurements might allow you to further optimize your overall IT Strategy and drive the Continual Service Improvement process.

The included Smart Reporting Module will enable an improved level of visibility into the delivery of your services and hence will provide returns on your PROLIN ITSM investment.

For more information please consult with your local PROLIN support representative.