With the 2016 Release of the PROLIN Smart Suite we introduced the REST API for Smart Suite. Being an open platform and able to integrate is key in the current ever changing environment. The existing Web-API while functional, is not efficient in the current world of service-oriented architecture (SOA), hence the need for the REST API.

Use case: Getting started with the REST API.

The REST API provides the capability for the development of integrations between existing systems and PROLIN Smart Suite. Creating items such as Service Calls, Incidents, Problems, etc.  from other management products (Alerts raised by network device management software for instance) Leverage PROLIN Smart Suite to provide information about staff (CI, Services, etc.) to other applications or even dynamically link PROLIN Smart Suite with Workflows in other open systems. Where the HPSD Web API required programming, the Smart Suite REST API makes the implementation of integrations a lot less complicated and far more powerful.

In this Feature Focus we want to provide a quick view of the REST API which at present will allow you to “GET” information from the Smart Suite. The “POST” and “UPDATE” functionality is currently in development.

Getting started:

In the Server Configuration section of the PROLIN Server Management Console (see Feature Focus #10: PROLIN Server Management Console) you can activate the Service and set the Port that the REST API is communicating on. In the security section, you can control the access on the IP address to avoid unauthorized access.

Once the service has been activated it can connect to the REST API endpoint on the selected port.

Browse the metadata page of the rest API to see the supported entities:


Currently supported entities are:

ServiceRequests (Service Calls)

The URL/URI can be used to send a HTTP request to the Power Server. The Power Server will then return the information in XML format to be used for further processing.

Some examples:

To Search for a specific Service Call by ID use:
http://:5181/odata/ServiceRequests?$filter=ID Eq
This will return the information for the specific service call

http://:5181/odata/problems?$filter=Description Eq ‘’

Returns all Problems with the in the description.

The returned result can be manipulated by adding additional operators such as “&orderby=Uid desc” which will sort the returned result by Uid. For more information about the REST API see the reference manual, available upon request.

What is next?

The current version of the REST API supports the GET operation only, the POST and UPDATE capabilities are currently in development.

PROLIN staff are available to assist in creating basic as well as complex integrations to any application that supports REST API.

PROLIN makes your life easy.

For more information please consult with your local PROLIN support representative.