PROLIN Smart Suite 2016 was built from the ground up to be 100% compatible with HP Service Desk. Based on Microsoft .NET Framework rather than Java, PROLIN Smart Suite gives you all your current functionality and much, much more.

logonip   State-of-the-art Service Desk functionality at the same operational cost as your HP Service Desk 4.5 system

logonip   100% compatible with HP Service Desk 4.5

logonip   Same UI and database rules

logonip   More than 55 improvements with PROLIN Smart Client 2016

logonip   Same database

logonip   Use your HP BTO software

logonip   Third-party integrations

logonip   Preserve your historical data, customizations, and forms

logonip   New applications and tools to improve your functionality

The result… no risk, no re-training, no added cost, no new integrations or customization required

… no worries—PROLIN makes life easy.

PROLIN helps seamlessly replace your HP Service Desk system with an easy, phased transition process.