HP Service Desk to PROLIN

PROLIN Smart Suite was built from the ground up to be 100% compatible with HP Service Desk. Based on Microsoft .NET Framework, PROLIN Smart Suite gives you all your current functionality and much, much more.

logonip State-of-the-art Service Desk functionality at the same operational cost as your HP Service Desk 4.5 system

logonip 100% compatible with HP Service Desk 4.5

logonip Same UI and database rules

logonip More than 60 improvements

logonip Same database

logonip Use your HP BTO software

logonip Third-party integrations

logonip Preserve your historical data, customizations, and forms

logonip New applications and tools to improve your functionality

The result: no risk, no re-training, no added cost, no new integrations or customization required

PROLIN makes life easy.

PROLIN helps seamlessly replace your HP Service Desk system with an easy, phased transition process.