Why PROLIN for the service desk manager

PROLIN Smart Suite offers HP Service Desk customers the fastest, most economical, non-disruptive transition path from their current end-of-life environment to an advanced state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution. Every issue and concern inherent in migrating to a new platform has been carefully considered and addressed with PROLIN’s unique transition.

logonip Maintain Customer Focus – Only PROLIN Smart Suite offers a smooth transition which enables IT staff to focus on what really counts: high quality service delivery, leveraging current in-house knowledge and expertise.

logonip Employee Satisfaction – Designed with the familiar MS Office look and feel, utilizing the ubiquitous MS shortcuts and leveraging the existing business logic from the familiar HP Service Desk environment, PROLIN Smart Suite is designed for rapid acceptance with little user training. PROLIN Smart Suite maintains control without having to jeopardize morale through the introduction of another instrument.

logonip PROLIN’s Unique Insight – PROLIN engineers are intimately familiar with the HP Service Desk environment, having originally developed it. PROLIN employs Test Driven Development and customer involved QA process for quality releases and short release cycles.

Transitioning to PROLIN Smart Suite is accomplished via a phased process that begins with the interface to the new environment PROLIN Smart Client. The entire solution was created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind and designed based on the familiar MS Office look and feel. It incorporates the ubiquitous MS Ribbon for quick navigation and its familiar and intuitive user interface enables quick adoption and immersion. In fact, most customers find their IT staff fully operating within the PROLIN Smart Client environment with minimal training in a matter of hours as opposed to days or weeks of training sessions. Rapid acceptance frees IT Staff to maintain a customer centric focus insuring high quality service delivery to customers and achieving high levels of satisfaction from staff and customers.

Long-term migrations can easily result in a degradation of efficiency due to unfamiliarity of the new tool or process changes that customers may be unfamiliar with. Transitioning to PROLIN Smart Suite is virtually transparent to service desk staff, supporting current quality levels and providing additional tools and dozens of new features and functionality beyond the current system – to quickly achieve efficiency improvements. Its simple drag and drop administration interface allows for easy configuration with no programming required while greatly reducing management burden.

PROLIN Smart Suite was engineered from the ground up using .NET and C#, and is developed using the Test Driven Development methodology resulting in high quality releases and shorter development cycles. PROLIN’s engineering team works closely with customers during the QA process and many of the improvements and enhancements within each release are a result of direct customer input. While PROLIN Smart Suite provides a simple transition to a state-of-the-art, fully scalable service management solution, and add-ons that provide extended management and delivery capabilities, there are numerous products in the development road map that incorporate mobility, federation and much more.