Why PROLIN for the service desk administrator

PROLIN Smart Suite offers HP Service Desk customers the fastest, most economical, non-disruptive transition path from their current end-of-life environment to an advanced state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution. Every issue and concern inherent in migrating to a new platform has been carefully considered and addressed with PROLIN’s unique transition.

logonip Management of Change – PROLIN Smart Suite was specifically engineered for HP Service Desk environments and its phased transitional approach is designed to protect the current investment in your service desk’s intellectual capital.

logonip Job Continuity – PROLIN Smart Suite requires no programming or scripting skills for administration and maintenance and retains all the historical intellectual capital. Administrators can easily maintain continuity in the environment while quickly achieving higher levels of productivity.

logonip Career Advancement – In addition to re-orienting activities to organizational improvements, PROLIN Smart Suite provides administrators new areas to acquire additional knowledge and skills in enhanced reporting, dash boarding and self-service. PROLIN Smart Suite provides the opportunity to revisit those processes and best practices that may have been shelved under the cloud of the HP Service Desk EOL decree.

Service desk administrators have the most comprehensive insight into the organizational processes and detailed understanding of how to map these processes to the service desk infrastructure. They have to adapt processes quickly and extract mission critical information the lines of business require from the tool.

In an article entitled “The Difference between Migration and Transition”, Mark P. McDonald of Gartner, Inc., wrote: “Migration means you go somewhere and then you come back”. In a transition, the past is the past and all the value is in the future. A  migration requires all of the organization’s intellectual capital be re-designed to accommodate the new tool. PROLIN Smart Suite was engineered to use all of the existing historical data so that the organization can accelerate quickly and build upon success, instead of being forced to a halt and start all over again.

PROLIN Smart Suite provides a simple drag and drop functionality in its administrative module with a dramatically enhanced user interface that requires no programming or scripting skills something HP Service Desk administrators are quite familiar with. This functionality not only insures continuity and productivity but allows administrators to focus on significant contributions to organizational requirements implementing efficiencies and enhancing business processes as opposed to tool centric activities.

With dozens of improvements in functionality over the current HP Service Desk environment PROLIN Smart Suite offers valuable new capabilities for service desk administrators to master in the areas of enhanced reporting, dash boarding and self-service.

PROLIN Smart Suite was engineered from the ground up using .NET and C#, and is developed using the Test Driven Development methodology resulting in high quality releases and shorter development cycles. PROLIN’s engineering team works closely with customers during the QA process and many of the improvements and enhancements within each release are a result of direct customer input. While PROLIN Smart Suite provides a simple transition to a state-of-the-art, fully scalable service management solution, and add-ons that provide extended management and delivery capabilities, there are numerous products in the development road map that incorporate mobility, federation and much more.