Why Smart Suite

PROLIN Smart Suite offers HP Service Desk customers the fastest, most economical, low-risk transition path from their current end-of-life environment to an advanced state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution. Every issue and concern inherent in migrating to a new platform has been carefully considered and addressed with PROLIN’s unique transition.

 Engineered specifically for HP Service Desk environments.

logonip Provides fast transition not a migration.

logonip No data migration required uses all current data, views, interfaces, business logic, processes, forms and history.

logonip State-of-the-art service desk functionality at the typical operational cost as HP Service Desk.

logonip Fully scalable, three-tiered solution.

logonip Intuitive user-friendly interface requires minimal training for fast adoption.

logonip Familiar look and feel requires minimal management of change.

logonip Simple to deploy add-ons that provide more insight and management capabilities.

logonip Risk free trial.

This innovative solution was created by the same team that designed and engineered the original HP Service Desk solution. There is no other vendor that can provide the vision and depth of insight that is required to assist HP Service Desk customers in leveraging the time, expense and effort expended in developing a mature IT Service Management environment.

Every other solution forces HP Service Desk customers to endure a high-risk, expensive and lengthy migration. In an article entitled The Difference between Migration and Transition, Mark P. McDonald of Gartner, Inc., wrote: “Migration means you go somewhere and then you come back”. In a transition, the past is the past and all the value is in the future.

Migrations are commonly referred to as Rip and Replace events extended, costly and traumatic engagements that engender resistance to change, disrupt service delivery and erode customer confidence as costs rise and time wears on. Organizations migrate to a new product, platform or technology for doing the same thing, but they transition to a technology change for a new way or process of doing things better.

In PROLIN Smart Suite, HP Service Desk customers are presented with a unique opportunity which is unprecedented in the brief history of IT Service Management: to effect a literal transition a technology change for the purpose of doing things better to an advanced ITSM environment.

Any organization is invested and committed to the current method of operating, and moving to any new tool requires changing the way people work and how the organization is structured. Most organizations that have been using HP Service Desk for a number of years are invested heavily in customizations, integrations and the maturing of multiple processes implemented long ago. Transitioning to PROLIN Smart Suite is fast and its flexible administrative and management environment adapts to the way your organization works. It utilizes the equity of your corporate intellectual capital to dramatically improve service delivery and accelerate process maturity, instead of discarding proven methods and starting over again.

Because PROLIN was designed by an engineering team with such intimate knowledge of HP Service Desk, they created the only solution that incorporates and integrates every aspect of the existing environment in the transition while minimizing risk. In transitioning to PROLIN Smart Suite no data migration is required, in fact, no migration is required whatsoever – all current data, views, interfaces, business logic, processes, forms, workflows and history is retained and fully available in the new environment. And it accomplishes all this at the same operational cost as the current HP Service Desk environment.

PROLIN Smart Suite is a three-tiered solution engineered with Microsoft .NET and C# to support current and emerging platforms and business requirements. It’s simple drag and drop administration interface requires no programming capabilities, dramatically reducing management burden and expense. PROLIN Smart Suite was designed to emulate the MS Office look and feel featuring the ubiquitous Office Ribbon for fast and easy navigation. It’s an extremely intuitive, user friendly environment that promotes rapid user acceptance and reduces training time and expense. With dozens of feature and functionality enhancements over the current environment out of the box, PROLIN Smart Suite is fully scalable and will comfortably support the growth and expansion of your organization into the future.

Instead of enduring a big bang approach, PROLIN’s revolutionary phased transition can be easily accomplished according to the customer’s schedule and is completely transparent to IT customers. Many organizations who choose to stage their transition in separate phases find their IT staff rapidly transitions to PROLIN Smart Suite from installation to full immersion in the new interface within the span of a single day. PROLIN Smart Suite also offers additional modules which provide enhanced insight and management capabilities.