PROLIN Makes Life Easy

Engineered specifically for HP Service Desk environments, PROLIN Smart Suite is a fully integrated, customizable state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution that provides a low cost, no risk, and rapid transition from the HPSD platform instead of an expensive, disruptive and lengthy full scale migration.

PROLIN Smart Suite takes HP Service Desk customers into the new IT Service Management paradigm of cloud computing, bring your own device environments and leveraging social networks. Created using Microsoft .NET technology, it provides a drag and drop environment that requires no programming skills dramatically reducing administration and management costs.

Adhering to internationally recognized best practices and industry standards including ISO, ITIL & COBIT, PROLIN Smart Suite provides HP Service Desk customers facing the HPSD End-Of-Life with a rapid, cost effective transition to an advanced platform.


Easily transition your HP Service Desk System to PROLIN Smart Suite instead of a rip-and-replace migration.

PROLIN Smart Suite allows HP Service Desk customers to leverage their existing investments in a solution with vision and a future. Compare the cost of migration from HP Service Desk to HP Service Manager or other ITSM solutions to the low-cost and seamless transition to PROLIN for HP Service Desk.