Text Snippets

The new Smart Client 2016 R9 has a feature Text Snippets designed to make life easier.

Use case: How to use Text Snippets

As part of the Smart Client workspace, Text Snippets functionality has been added. It provides the ability to use predefined texts or canned responses. These text snippets can be added to any existing text field. The snippets are personal, i.e. not system wide.


The Text Snippet window can be docked to the border of a form, just as the attachment window.

To add a snippet to your collection, just click the Plus + icon, give the snippet its name, enter the snippet text and hit enter. The snippet has been added. The snippets are alphabetically organized. To remove a Snippet, select the snippet and click on the red x.


To add a text snippet to your form, click in the text field that you want the snippet to be copied to, and double click on the snippet you want copied into that text field. That’s all.


For often used responses, this is the way to go.

PROLIN makes your life easy.

For more information please consult with your local PROLIN support representative.