Paste to Attachment

Another functionality to improve your efficiency was introduced in the Smart Client as of version 2016 R7, namely the ability to add screen prints as attachments via a copy/paste.

Use case: Pasting attachments

When logging a call you can now use any of your preferred methods to capture screen images for inclusion as attachments to your service calls (problems, changes, enhancement requests, etc.).

This new feature will mean that with minimal effort a picture (worth a thousand words) can be attached, adding context to the call.


For example, using your favorite screen capture method, [ALT] Print Screen, [CTRL] Print Screen, or the Print Screen, or a tool like the snipping tool (see below) provided with Windows, a screen capture (image) can be taken and copied to the clipboard:



Once copied into the clipboard this new functionality allows for a simple paste of the clipboard content as an attachment to the service call, either using [CTRL]-V or the paste attachment option in the Add drop down menu, no intermediary saves required:


PROLIN Smart Suite 2016 has many of these productivity improvements designed to make your life a little easier.

For more information please consult with your local PROLIN support representative.