Single Sign On

A much requested improvement to the PROLIN Smart Suite is the means to use Single Sign on Windows Authentication for the PROLIN Smart Client leveraging the user details from Active Directory.

Use case: Configuring SSO

This allows users to roam devices that are connected to Active Directory and authenticate without having to enter a username and password. All that is required is an existing account name in PROLIN Smart Suite that is equal to the username in Active directory.

Ensure that the desired authentication types are enabled on the Server, this can be done under the Security option in the Power Server Management console*.


In the Smart Client Account Properties simply select the Authentication method in the account properties to Integrated Windows authentication.


From this point onwards the Smart Client will use the credentials that were used to logon to the PC.
When the active directory password changes there is no need to make any changes to the Smart Suite account.

For more information please consult with your local PROLIN support representative.

* For more information on implementation make sure to review chapter 3.3 of the Power Server operations manual.