Why PROLIN for the IT Architect

PROLIN Smart Suite offers HP Service Desk customers the fastest, most economical, low-risk transition path from their current end-of-life environment to an advanced state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution. Every issue and concern inherent in migrating to a new platform has been carefully considered and addressed with PROLIN’s unique transition.

logonip Leverage Integrations
PROLIN Smart Suite leverages the current HP Service Desk environment and insures that all existing integrations and interfaces will continue to work. Replacing the HP Service Desk with PROLIN Smart Suite in the service management stack will be invisible to the rest of the environment.

logonip Retire Outdated Technology
As a full featured product, PROLIN Smart Suite fully addresses the issues associated with the EOL of HP Service Desk. HP Service Desk 4.5 uses outdated technology and doesn’t support later Windows environments. With PROLIN Smart Suite, there is no longer a requirement to deploy Java VM’s or patch the network topology. Built on .Net technologies to support current and emerging platforms and business requirements, PROLIN Smart Suite was built from the ground up to meet customer demands, not retrofitted to provide a quick fix with incremental benefits.

logonip Visionary Engineering
PROLIN engineers developed HP Service Desk and have incorporated dozens of new features and functionality enhancements into PROLIN Smart Suite. Agile engineering team utilizes TDD for fast development cycles, advanced QA tools and techniques to improve quality and is very responsive to customer and market requirements.

As the original developers of HP Service Desk, the PROLIN engineering team is intimately familiar with the challenges customers face in resolving the HP Service Desk end of life issue. It is because of this unique history that PROLIN was able to create a solution unlike any other requiring only a simple phased transition as opposed to a risky, full scale rip and replace migration.

A key aspect was to successfully facilitate a seamless transition within the stack causing no disruption to the delivery of quality service management. A critical component was to insure that all current data, views, interfaces, business logic, processes, forms, workflows and history would retained and fully available in the new environment. The only way historical corporate data and intellectual capital could be available in the new environment was to insure all existing customizations, integrations and interfaces were fully operational. PROLIN Smart Suite succeeds in accomplishing what no other solution can because it leverages the entire existing HP Service Desk investment.

PROLIN Smart Suite was engineered from the ground up using .NET and C# to provide a fully scalable, robust service management environment to exceed growing customer demands and support emerging platforms, technologies and business environments. Designed to emulate the MS Office look and feel it provides a familiar, intuitive interface for rapid user acceptance and productivity. PROLIN Smart Suite supports newer technologies, does not require ancillary software to maintain functionality in the new environment and has a simple drag and drop administration interface that reduces management burden and expense. With dozens of new features and functionality enhancements out of the box, PROLIN Smart Suite provides customers a tremendous leap forward in service quality.