Why PROLIN for Directors

PROLIN Smart Suite offers HP Service Desk customers the fastest, most economical, low-risk transition path from their current end-of-life environment to an advanced state-of-the-art IT Service Management solution. Every issue and concern inherent in migrating to a new platform has been carefully considered and addressed with PROLIN’s unique transition.

logonip Eliminate Resistance to Change HP Service Desk users are invested heavily in process implementation and familiar with the effort to achieve organizational buy-in. By utilizing existing processes, PROLIN Smart Suite avoids resistance to change when switching ITSM tools. It’s convenient, phased approach eliminates BIG BANG surprises and is transparent to IT customers.

logonip Control Costs – Economical, fast transition means no costly, lengthy migration. Licensing and support costs are at the typical operational cost HP Service Desk.

logonip Dual Platform Support PROLIN engineers created both HP Service Desk and PROLIN Smart Suite and comprehensive support is available for both solutions. Agile and responsive engineering teams provide rapid development of customer requested enhancements.

logonip Retain Process Maturity Typical migrations require process redesign that is limited to the tool capabilities, inevitably resulting in user disorientation and a fallback in process maturity. Transitioning from SD4.5 to PROLIN Smart Suite is the best guarantee to maintain process maturity at the current level and retain intellectual capital. PROLIN Smart Suite is designed and developed to support ITIL best practices and created to facilitate an easy transition – not a destructive migration. PROLIN Smart Suite is fully configurable and flexible, and conforms to the way the organization works.

logonip Jump-Start New Processes – With processes like Incident Management, Problem Management or others already in place, a transition to PROLIN assures that all investments in deploying new processes are secured and worry free. Even incomplete processes currently in development in the current SD 4.5 environment are easily retained for future growth.

Any organization is invested and committed to the current way of operating and moving to any new tool requires changing the way people work and how the organization is structured. Many in the organization are resistant to the disruptive challenges required to migrate to a new solution.

PROLIN provides HP Service Desk users the only opportunity to effect a transition that is completely transparent to service desk customers. This is a powerful proposition to those resistant to change as PROLIN Smart Suite seamlessly leverages current investment intellectual capital. PROLIN’s phased transition approach bypasses the Big Bang effect that erodes organizational support during a long engagement and generates quick wins that provide great benefits. A fast transition minimizes costs while ongoing licensing and support expense typically aligns with current expenses.

Expansive migrations with long engagements not only undermine organizational confidence but often result in the erosion of process maturity. Re-mapping is required to accommodate the capabilities of the tool, forcing organization wide changes of developed, mature processes. PROLIN Smart Suite was created to quickly and easily incorporate all existing processes, effectively insuring the continuity of process maturity and future development.

Timely and effective support is critical for the existing environment prior to transition, and for the new solution. In order to properly plan the transition and perform the appropriate testing, both systems can be comfortably run in parallel. Throughout the transition, support is provided by PROLIN engineers who have intimate knowledge of both solutions.