Why PROLIN for CxO

logonipCreate Business Value – Focus your time, money and resources on value creating activities.

logonipCost Savings – OpEx not CapEx, Low Cost – High Return

nipper-01Investment Protection – People, Process, and Infrastructure – No effort to transition through leveraging current intellectual capital, while retaining achievements in service performance through maintaining process maturity.

nipper-01Improve Business & IT Alignment – Based on past investments in processes, PROLIN Smart Suite offer self-service functionality and state of the art user-friendly dash boarding.

nipper-01Improve Compliance Functionality to work in tandem with partners to modify processes and conform to all industry compliance requirements.

logonipProvide Service Continuity No disruption in service with PROLIN support for current and new environment.

nipper-01Improve Predictability in terms of Quality and Cost to Serve PROLIN offers simple to deploy add-ons which provide more insight and management capabilities.


Created by the same engineers who built HP Service Desk, PROLIN Smart Suite was specifically designed to offer unparalleled business value through cost savings and investment protection by providing a true transition path forward instead of an expensive, time consuming and disruptive rip and replace migration.

Transitioning to PROLIN Smart Suite is a simple, seamless three-step process that can be quickly completed at the customer’s convenience with no capital expenditure. Most customer transitions are accomplished at the cost of transitioning support and license expense to PROLIN which is typically at, or slightly lower than, their current HP costs.

Significant additional savings are realized through investment protection – PROLIN’s unique ability to leverage the current environment in its entirety, as well as an ongoing reduction in operational expenses due to the solution’s simplified administration and management capabilities. PROLIN Smart Suite conforms to your environment providing service continuity and improved IT/Business alignment incorporating all current processes and providing a simplified, self-service capability to alter existing processes or initiate new ones.

Customers can also expect a rapid improvement in predictable quality and services costs by leveraging easy to deploy add-ons that provide features like state-of-the-art dash boarding for greater insight and control. PROLIN Smart Suite’s administration capabilities also provide streamlined functionality to stay abreast of ever changing regulations so customers can work in tandem with partners to maintain full compliance no matter what industry they operate in.

PROLIN Smart Suite presents a unique opportunity for HP Service Customers to align with a visionary organization with a proven track record and a growing global customer base, that truly understands their requirements and can effectively convey them to the next generation of IT Service Management.