Smart Suite

PROLIN Smart Suite is a full-fledged ITSM solution designed to seamlessly replace HP Service Desk 4.5 installations with PROLIN ITSM as a Service. PROLIN Smart Suite is designed, from the ground up, for top performance, modern functionality, and to make life easy and fun in the IT department.

Built on Microsoft .NET Framework

Smart Suite is built, from the ground up, on the Microsoft® .NET Framework which provides the basis for Web service-based connectivity for Microsoft Windows-based applications.

Developed by PROLIN engineers using the Test Driven Development methodology, PROLIN Smart Suite is designed with the highest level of quality and architected for new feature releases and on-going product improvements.

logonip Easy installation

nipper-01No disruption to your current HP Service Desk environment

nipper-01Preserves business processes, knowledge, and data

nipper-01Works with third-party software integrations and your own (such as forms, views, UI rules, etc.)

PROLIN Smart Client
With a fresh, state-of-the-art, Microsoft Office look-and-feel, Smart Client delivers the highest product quality and a vastly improved user experience, offering more than 60 feature improvements, compared to the HP Service Desk client.  Improvements focus on IT Management, Views, Reporting, Navigation, Search, Layout, and Dynamic Forms.  PROLIN Smart Client can be installed in a risk-free parallel process with your current HP Service Desk installation, with no disruption in your day-to-day IT management.

PROLIN Power Server
Power Server is a state-of-the-art ITSM application server, based on Microsoft .NET Framework, with a layered architecture stack that provides robust and flexible Internet-era functionality. It is fully compatible with your HP Service Desk Application Server. In fact, for added peace-of-mind in the early stages, you can run your PROLIN Power Server in parallel with your HP Application Server.

PROLIN enables a smooth transition from HP Service Desk to PROLIN Smart Client and Power Server.

Smart Client Web Access

PROLIN Smart Client Web Access is a secure and cost effective way to publish one application, e.g. PROLIN Smart Client, multiple applications, or even a complete desktop, to a device that supports HTML5 compliant browsers.

Smart integration possibilities 

Designed for data integration, reconciliation and much more, organizational data and processes no longer need to be centralized but can reside where they are best suited in whichever format is most appropriate. Federation can now be managed and the value of the data fully realized through the use of PROLIN Power Server REST API.