PROLIN’s Unique Transition

PROLIN is uniquely positioned to offer HP Service Desk customers a solution unlike any other; a true transition from their HPSD environment to a completely state-of-the-art IT Service Management platform in an accelerated time frame with no risk and low costs.

No Rip and Replace migration…

Full-scale enterprise-wide migrations can easily require a commitment from two to three months to in excess of a year. Migration costs typically range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Here are just a few of the many considerations that need to be evaluated when contemplating a full-scale rip- and- replace migration to any alternative solution:

nipper-01All current workflows, processes, reports, business logic and interfaces need to be changed to adapt to the new

nipper-01Various organizational teams must be guided through a disruptive change process and stakeholder expectations must be carefully managed as the migration lumbers forward.

nipper-01Significant investment of time and money must be allocated to retrain employees and customers on the new environment and administrators on new management tools.

nipper-01As the engagement nears completion, the replacement solution may still be rejected by end users due to differences in the solution, real or perceived.

…but a smooth PROLIN transition

With PROLIN Smart Suite, HPSD customers secure an innovative path forward that no competitive solution can provide: a fast, low cost, risk free transition.

PROLIN’s revolutionary transition is easily accomplished through a phased approach in large part because PROLIN Smart Suite’s Client and Server applications run seamlessly in parallel with the existing HPSD environment. Additionally, the transition to PROLIN Smart Client can be fully completed in minutes instead of months or years.

PROLIN Smart Suite’s accelerated three-stage transition leverages existing workflows, processes, reports, and business logic, replacing the Service Desk application with a new, intuitive Smart Client interface based. This quickly immerses users in a familiar environment, facilitating rapid adoption via a nominal learning curve.

The HPSD Application Servers can then be replaced at the customer’s convenience – with PROLIN Power Servers, all supported by the existing database while requiring no data migration, no view or interface migration and no business logic migration.

PROLIN’s Three Phase Transition Process:

PROLIN: Leaders in innovation

PROLIN is well recognized as an industry leader and innovator. In the 1990’s PROLIN was the very first company to create an ITIL-based, enterprise IT Service Management software solution. In 1997, Hewlett-Packard acquired PROLIN, renamed the product HP Service Desk and repositioned their enterprise network monitoring suite into an ITIL based IT Service Management solution set, constructed upon the (PROLIN) HP Service Desk foundation.

In 2009, after HP’s End of Life directive for Service Desk, the former PROLIN team recognized the strong market requirement for a viable successor to HP Service Desk. The result is PROLIN Smart Suite. There is no other organization more uniquely qualified to engineer and offer this innovative, next generation transition solution.